After exploring the chaos of Mumbai and the beauty of the Golden Triangle, it’s time to head to the chilled beaches of Goa! Planning a Goa itinerary for 3-days, can be a bit tricky and some would argue that 3-days in Goa isn’t much time! With some solid advanced planning, using our Goa itinerary below you can cover plenty of the Goa highlights.  

You see, many think that all Goa has to offer is beaches. And although over 60 gorgeous beaches adorn the 100km coastline, that is not all that defines Goa. Nor is it the ‘hippy culture’ that has dominated the eccentric state since the 1960s. No, there is a lot more to Goa than that. Including bustling markets, spice plantations, nature parks, great food, and an unrivalled party scene.  All things considered, Goa is an essential addition to any India itinerary.  

With this in mind, I bring to you not one, but two 3-day Goa Itineraries. The first will cover the South of Goa, where the highlights include a lot of beach-worshipping, watersports, and yoga. Whereas the second will cover the North of Goa, where conversely, you will find a wild party scene, hippie markets, and historical points of interest.

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