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Ipoh in Malaysia has experienced a reversal of fortunes after decades of economic decline and tourism obscurity. I first went to Ipoh in 2010, and after visiting again in 2019 I can say its revival is real.

Ipoh Wow

My first visit was when I was on my way to Pangkor Island. Rather than go straight through from KL I stopped in Ipoh. It’s also a travel hub for onward travel to the Cameron Highlands. None of the guesthouses I was staying at in Malaysia had mentioned anything about Ipoh, but I always like to visit new places to break up a journey.

I didn’t know anything about the place, and I was calling it I-poh until I heard the bus ticket agent pronounce it as E-poh. Upon arrival I was surprised to find an impressive collection of heritage architecture that should have made the town a stop on the Malay peninsula tourist trail.

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