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Misted mountains and emerald fjords, ancient fern-ridden forests and cascading waterfalls, miles of empty black and white sand beaches. You’re likely to find any sort of wild path you’re willing to tread in New Zealand’s manifold lands rife with majesty. At times you’ll feel you’ve stumbled into a fantasy. And perhaps you have: your own. To navigate the Land of the Long White Cloud is easy, but to choose your path when time is shorter than your desire—that’s an overwhelming prospect. Here, we guide you, in your drop-jawed stupor, to the best terrain for two intrepid feet on both islands. You’ll need a sturdy rain jacket, good boots, and a hunger for adventure. Ramble down one path or hoof them all. We can’t promise you’ll want to leave, but you won’t leave the same. 

(Nick Davidson)

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