In the most arid part of Aragon, a northeast state of Spain, a ghost town with an unusual history waits to be explored. In a country full of vibrant traditions and an active monarchy, a small ruined city may seem unworthy of a place on the itinerary, but Belchite’s history is more than meets the eye.

Perhaps most well-known as a filming location for movies such as Pan’s Labyrinth, The Adventures of Baron Münchhausen, and most recently Spider Man: Far From Home, but more than a picturesque backdrop, Belchite has a darker history. An ancient town turned 20th century battlefield, to put the ruins of this into historical perspective, here’s a quick lowdown on the region…

All of Spain is beyond ancient. Cave paintings and prehistorical artifacts practically cover the “bull skin” of Spain, as Spaniards poetically call the shape of their country. The Romans were her in the first century CE, then the Goths and then the Islamic Kingdoms which brought a cultural renaissance.

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