FACT: at a very young age, I have stumbled into the bemusing world of anime (Japanese animations) and manga (Japanese comics). Right then and there, I have become deeply enraptured with Japan’s culture and customs, and then over the years, my love for this wonderful yet often eccentric country continued to grow. So when I finally saw an opportunity to go on a trip to Japan last March of this year, you could just imagine how ecstatic I was as I booked my plane ticket!

For thee said trip, I’ve set it to last for a span of 2 weeks with a huge chunk of my days (5) wholly dedicated to the bustling and dynamic city of Tokyo… YES, that long (and I still felt like it wasn’t enough). You see, it IS a really massive city, and if you’re really pressed on time, I believe that in order for you to at least get a good “feel” of it, you need to be there for at least 3 days.

TRIVIA: With over 13.5+ million people across an area of 2,000+ km2, Tokyo — which is officially called as the Tokyo Metropolis — actually comprises of: 23 special wards, 26 cities (Tama Area), 3 towns + 1 village (Nishi-Tama District), and several outlying islands. Not a lot of people know this… but the core or most populous part of Tokyo (which us, travelers, typically go off to) mainly comprises a select few places within the 23 special wards.

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