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We’re not quite sure why Italy isn’t as popular a hiking destination as places like Patagonia, Iceland, or the Pacific Crest Trail. Italian hiking routes can go from volcanoes to Roman roads and vineyards to castles; best of all, there’s the treat of pasta, bread, and lots of wine at the end of the day. Perhaps most tourists would rather take in all that delicious Italian food in the cities without having to work for it, but for those that are willing to make the trek, they’ll be rewarded with stunning vistas and virtually no crowds. This hikers’ guide to Italy provides routes for various skill levels, interests, and time constraints while suggesting the best local food and places to stay in each area. Be sure to lace up those boots and hit the trail before the secret gets out and it becomes the new hiking hotspot.

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High up, away from the mass of tourist crowds, the Path of the Gods runs along the Amalfi Coast from Bomerano (a faction of Agerola) to the hamlet of Nocelle, and provides magnificent aerial views of the famous colored villages and the island of Capri. Ideally, walkers should begin in Bomerano and finish in Nocelle as the route slopes gently downhill in this direction. On arrival in Nocelle, you can climb down 1,500 steps to reach the center of Positano, or take the bus, or a further 300 steps to Arienzo beach to cool off in the sea after your hike. The walk takes a few hours or around half a day if done leisurely.

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