Located in the highland region of Northern Thailand, right at the border between Thailand and Laos, you will find an iconic peak called Phu Chi Fa, one of the prettiest peaks of the Doi Pha Mon sub-range that created a natural border between Thailand and Laos.

Phu Chi Fa is translated to "the mountain that points the sky" and that sums it up perfectly what the peak looks like in real life. This pointy peak created from the converge between mountains millions of years ago formed some of the prettiest mountain peaks in Thailand and you can hike to the top of it.

Since Phu Chi Fa is part of Doi Pha Mon sub-range, there are also other stunning peaks that you can hike to, to have a stunning vantage point of Phu Chi Fa from afar such as Doi Pha Tang, Phu Chi Dao, and Phu Chi Duen, and that is what we will be highlighting in this travel guide.

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