When it comes to traveling in Slovakia, most travelers go to Bratislava and think they have seen Slovakia, but they are missing so much of the country by ending their trip there. East Slovakia has a lot to offer for travelers who are interested in the country, and its place in the EU.

Kosice, the largest city in East Slovakia, is a major hub of art, culture and excellent gastronomy. Due to its location being in between Hungary and Poland, Kosice has always been an important hub throughout its history attracting merchants across the region. I was invited by my friends to visit their hometown and they showed me so many places I would never have seen if I was here alone so here it is, a list of hidden gems and cool things to do in Kosice, suggested by the locals.

May - September is a good time to visit Kosice and its surrounding. Kosice doesn't attract as many tourists as their western Europe counterparts which makes it a great place to visit during peak season.

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