It's easier than ever to live with no fixed address, but that doesn't come without a cost.

Ubud is the spiritual center of Bali. Tucked inland and uphill from the beach bars that advertise dollar beers and cocktails served in plastic cups, and surrounded by idyllic rainforests and rice paddies, Ubud hosts a more enlightened traveler. You can tell because of the signs, advertisements, and fliers around the city with notices of spiritual healers, yoga retreats, a Freedom from the Ego three-day intensive seminar (5.3 million rupee, in case you're interested), aura cleansings, not to mention the cold-pressed juice and raw vegan gelato shops.

It's not really a surprise that spirituality has been commodified, or that it's been turned from something you used to renounce all personal property for and spend your life pursuing into something you can do for ten days before you go back to your job as an accounts manager. But what is a surprise is how quickly Ubud was transformed from a small, artsy town in south-central Bali to a unifier of all the yoga demographics, with its white-lady run studios and tech shared work spaces and artisanal taco stands and sacred forest where you can watch with amusement as monkeys bite Westerners who try to coerce them into their selfies.

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