Civil war, Syria, Palestine, terrorist attacks – Okay, at a first glance Lebanon may not sound like a typical holiday destination. However, things have changed. Lebanon has modernized, it is considered as a cosmopolitan now and it has become diverse. The only thing that’s left is the closeness to the critical countries of Syria, Israel and Palestine, which is the only factor that challenges development of country’s tourism industry. Nevertheless, Lebanon hides in itself a holiday destination that has everything: snow-covered mountain tops, shimmering Mediterranean, historical sites, cool bars and clubs and traditional restaurants along with snack places, all of which have been around for so long that these places themselves could write entire history books about their country.

It is a country that is bursting with friendliness and kindness. A country that welcomes every traveler with open arms and hearts. A country whose people get upset when you stay as a traveler for only five days or even when you choose the winter season for your traveling. It is also a country that desperately needs tourists to carry the news to the outside world that will replace the negative image of the country with the positive one. Those who have already visited the country and have seen the people, the culture, the multitudes of sightseeing spots and the simplicity of the travel – have been calling Beirut to be the Paris of the East, and they have every right to do so. A small travel oasis, surrounded by countries that make travel a little bit challenging, but far from impossible.

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