I had arrived at Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest in the South West of Uganda. The plane journey and the experience over road of the previous posts was over and it was time to discover this magical part of the world. Before setting foot in the jungle I took a time out to see the people who since basically the beginnings of mankind, lived deep in the forest, The Batwa People, or Batwa Pygmies, as well known otherwise.

I personally felt and feel uncomfortable calling them pygmies, no matter how much they use the term themselves…… due to historical connotations. Yes, they are smaller than us that evolved in a world outside the Rainforest, an average height around 4.5 – 5 foot. Evolution and millennia in the Rainforest gave them the stature, but as gentle people, hunter-gatherers of ages, they are now forced to live outside the Rainforest. They are now one of the most endangered group of people in the world. They have been through so much and they joyfully let me in on their world for this day.

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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda Africa