2 - 3 Weeks Itinerary In Germany - A Solo Backpacker Guide to the Country

bucketlistly.blog · 2 days by Pete R.

When people talk about traveling in Germany, the picture of locals wearing dirndl and lederhosen (Bavarian traditional clothes) with one hand holdin..

Pictures Of Paris Replica In China

nationalgeographic.com · 4 days by Pete R.

The Eiffel Tower (left) is one of Paris's most iconic landmarks. The second largest replica in the world can be found in Tianducheng, China (right),..

Poland: Winter Wonderland

vimeo.com · 3 days by Kitty

We were home in Czestochowa, Poland visiting my wife's family for Christmas and there was a big snowfall. I had just gotten my drone back from the D..

Bean There, Done That: A Global Tour Of Coffee Enclaves

lonelyplanet.com · 1 day by Pete R.

From the humble bean to that lovingly-poured, expertly-frothed cup ‘o joe, coffee has made quite a journey from its homeland of Ethiopia to become a..

My Favorite 13 Things To See And Do When You Visit New Zealand

nomadicmatt.com · 2 days by Pete R.

My visit to New Zealand a few months ago marked my second time in the country. Much had changed in the half decade since I had been there. The coun..

Top 10 Things To Do In Bogota

bucketlistly.blog · 7 days by Pete R.

“Why are you there for so long? There is nothing to do there!” is a common reaction I got when I told people I was in Bogota for a month. Contrary t..

A World Less Traveled || Serbia

vimeo.com · 3 days by jatkinson

The second stop of A World Less Traveled took us to Serbia, in October 2017. Our main goal was to help the community through clinics and slideshows,..

The Garden Isle - Kauai, Hawaii In 4k Anamorphic

vimeo.com · 1 day by Robotic Traveler

Subscribe to Me On YouTube: http://bit.ly/subBuffNerds Shot/Edited/Colored/Sound: Jakob Owens Contact me for purchase of any stock footage. Don't…

Top 10 Reasons To Explore India in The Maharajas Express Luxury Train

iamaileen.com · 23 days by Aileen Adalid

I have gone through several luxury travel experiences from all over the world in the past 4 years, and my time with India’s famous Maharajas Express..


vimeo.com · 10 days by Kitty

On August 26th, 2017, we get married and travel the world. This video contains a glimpse of Norway; including: Lofoten, Geiranger, Lovatnet & Alesun..

Two Weeks In Egypt - The Ultimate Backpacking Guide to the Land of Pharaohs

bucketlistly.blog · 24 days by Pete R.

Egypt might seem like a cliche destination for your vacation and as a backpacker, you might not feel like the country is not worth visiting but ther..

How To Live Like A Local In Accra, Ghana

lonelyplanet.com · 2 days by Pete R.

Lonely Planet Local Elio Stamm moved to Accra three years ago. Although the humidity and sheer volume of everything were a little overwhelming to st..