Welcome to Cebu City Philippines, Or Queen of south Philippines is on the other side of the world. Can you reach it, yes you can. You can reach this destination if you have enough budget to travel. Also if you have a desire to travel the world, Philippines is a great destination for white sandy beaches, restaurants and exotic adventures. While it is fun, traveling can be very tiresome as well. Okay what you need to do before you travel and begin your adventures : First, be sure to research Cebu.  While most places are safe, you should still background check your hotels or lodging. Philippines has 7107 islands. All the islands are very beautiful clear water, white sand, and coconut trees. Very friendly people, with a tropical weather climate. It is also very religious and cultural country with about 90's of it's citizen's of the Catholic faith. There are many things you can do in the Philippines night or day time its more fun in the Philippines Philippines is divided into the 3 group

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