The Hanseatic cities of Stralsund and Wismar, Germany en

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If you're a rich city in the medieval days, what do you do? Well, you protect yourself and construct grand public buildings. That's what these two d..

10 Historic Monuments in the World en

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There are thousands of stunning, matchless monuments around the world. Here is a list of popular historical and cultural Places.

Absurdistan - ten days in Central Asia by road en

gillian.im · over 4 years by Gillian Morris

The fact that the United Tajik Opposition (UTO) chose the night of my arrival to stage a jailbreak in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, made me f..

Macchu Picchu is overrated - go for the underrated! — Under Travel en

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If you had just one week in Peru - where would you go? I bet Macchu Picchu.  Macchu Picchu is still the most recognized symbol of the ancient S..

Amazon River by Cargo Boats en

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Where the beaten path is close to non existent.

48 Hours in Austin: Favorites from a Former Resident en

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I recently spent 48 hours in Austin and got a chance to revisit some my favorite places and also discovered some new ones.

Epic South America in 3 minutes - Pohtecktoes en

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IG:@Pohtecktoes - 4 countries in South America, 76 days, and $6000 packed in 3 mins. From the Iguazu Falls, Uyuni Salt Flats, to Machu Picchu and Ga..

76 Days South America on a Budget for $4.9k - Pohtecktoes en

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South America on a Budget - 76days, US$4.9k, 4Countries (Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador). Detailed breakdown of budget, tips, and how I did it. @Poh..

The Stunning Landscapes of the Far-flung Faroes en

reflectionsenroute.com · over 4 years by Kitty

The Faroes are made up of 18 islands which are part of the Kingdom of Denmark, and many of the islands are too small for inhabitants.

Above Queenstown on Bob's Peak en

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We finally arrive at the resort town of Queenstown. Known as the South Island's most famous tourist hotspot, Queenstown is swarming with people, foo..

The Best of Italy by Train: A Two Week Itinerary en

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So you have just two weeks holiday to spend in Italy. You want to make the most of your time while still seeing as much as possible but not heading ..