Australia For Beginners - What You Need to Know Before Travelling en

artofadventuring.com · 5 yrs by Pete R.

If Australia is on your radar for your next big trip, you're certainly not alone. Drawn to its year-round climate, iconic buildings and stunning nat..

Images of St Helena, South Atlantic en

malloryontravel.com · 5 yrs by Pete R.

Photographs of a visit to the remote island of St Helena, British overseas territory in the South Atlantic on Mallory on Travel

City of Hospitality by Yeo Kai Wen en

yeokaiwen.exposure.so · 5 yrs by Pete R.

There is no sun or sky to convey a sense of time and place. In this labyrinth of streets without end, under vaulted roofs, all the shops look the sa..

Digby Neck by Scott Blackburn en

scottophoto.exposure.so · 5 yrs by Pete R.

My wife and I decided to hit the road and explore Digby Neck, Nova Scotia earlier this week. I took my Fuji x100 as my wide angle and my Canon 1dmk3..

Norway by Michael Fergusson en

mfergusson.exposure.so · 5 yrs by Pete R.

I’ve had the XE-2 for about 3 months now. I’ve put it through its paces, and I find that I pick it up more than my Nikons now. When I first picked i..

Rock Climbing in Kalymnos, Greece en

davidsbeenhere.com · 5 yrs by Pete R.

Known as the “Island of the Sponge divers,” Kalymnos has a long history with ties to the sea, but much to the delight of adrenaline junkies, things ..

Beer Review: Cambodia | Quit Job. Travel World. en

wp.me · 5 yrs by quitjobtravelworld

By all accounts, Cambodians are slightly bigger drinkers than the Thais. Knowing this I was expecting a decent variety of beer brands and was not di..

What to Eat in Myanmar en

quitjobtravelworld.com · 5 yrs by quitjobtravelworld

Before coming to Myanmar, all I’d heard about the food is that everything was incredibly oily, including dishes that shouldn’t even contain oil. Alt..

Photoblog: #CrossingKruger week 5 en

getaway.co.za · 5 yrs by Pete R.

On my sixth week travelling through the Kruger National Park, I ticked one of the park's most beautiful species off my list and discovered that, con..

Photoblog: #CrossingKruger week 4 en

getaway.co.za · 5 yrs by Pete R.

After a short hiatus in Cape Town, I'm back in the Kruger National Park. Here is my fourth week of travel in pictures. During this week I visited Nk..

Photoblog: #CrossingKruger week 3 en

getaway.co.za · 5 yrs by Pete R.

During my third week in the Kruger National Park, I got to explore the more central regions of the park. I stayed at Tamboti and Satara and ended my..