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Australia - The Eagle Eye

vimeo.com · 3 days by Pete R.

A journey across Australia from an eagle's eye. Featuring animals and landscapes from the deserts to the ocean, including The Kimberley, Arnhem Land..

'The Problem Of The Wilderness'

vimeo.com · 3 days by Pete R.

I went to Alaska for New Year with my friend Dan; we spent a week travelling North from Anchorage by rail, 4x4 & light aircraft. I took along my A7S..

A Brief History Of Backpacking

theguardian.com · 15 days by Pete R.

From a 5,000-year-old backpack to the average age of backpackers today ... The first backpack … Was discovered in 1991 in the Ötztal Alps along..

A Backpacker’s Guide To Georgia: One-month Itinerary

theguardian.com · 15 days by Pete R.

Tbilisi buzzes with creativity while Georgia’s mountains are a hiker’s paradise with trails that see few visitors. Explore it all with our guide on ..

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Lesser-known Wildlife Worth Watching

lonelyplanet.com · 18 days by Pete R.

Forget lions, leopards, elephants and the rest… the natural world is full of less famous but no less charismatic creatures, should you care to seek ..

Singapore Layover: Things to Do In & Out of The Airport in 24 Hours or Less

iamaileen.com · 15 days by Aileen Adalid

It’s no news that travelers detest long flight stopovers — but, if there is one place that I wouldn’t mind having a long layover in, it would be in ..

Beautiful Autumn Destinations In Europe - Best Places To Visit In Fall

vagrantsoftheworld.com · 30 days by Vagrants Of The World Travel

We’ve always been advocates of shoulder season travel, especially in Europe.  We believe the best time to travel to Europe is during the autumn mont..

Why Tourism Is Killing Barcelona – A Photo Essay

theguardian.com · 22 days by Pete R.

One of the coolest destinations in Europe just two decades ago, Barcelona is now so overcrowded it has become a tourist theme park – and is losing t..

A Backpacker’s Guide To Ethiopia: A One-month Itinerary

theguardian.com · 14 days by Pete R.

Full of natural wonders and ancient culture, this vast country is also home to booming cities and a youthful population. Explore it with our guide o..

Awe Inspiring Reasons To Visit Patagonia | Vagrants Of The World Travel

vagrantsoftheworld.com · 16 days by Vagrants Of The World Travel

Trekking in Patagonia has been on our travel list for a long time. Well before we started travelling full time. It seems crazy, but for one reason o..

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Discover Fascinating Vintage Maps From National Geographic's Archives

news.nationalgeographic.com · 20 days by Pete R.

Cartography has been close to National Geographic’s heart from the beginning. And over the magazine’s 130-year history, maps have been an integral p..

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Uzbekistan's Secret Underground – In Pictures

theguardian.com · 30 days by Pete R.

After the ban on photographing the Tashkent metro in Uzbekistan was lifted this summer, Amos Chapple, RFE/RL’s photographer went underground to reve..