vimeo.com · 9 mths by Pete R.

In Sudan, Archaeologists Are Fighting The Sands Of Time

theatlantic.com · 12 mths by Mary

Archaeologists in Nubia are struggling against erosion, desertification, and government plans to develop the land. In 1905, British archaeologis..

A Trip To The Albanian Alps: Hiking The Spectacular Theth To Valbona Trail

thesandyfeet.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

For many, a trip to Albania will mean a string of blissful afternoons spent drifting between the warm sand and deliciously blue Ionian Sea. But ..

Best Places To Visit In Myanmar - Kelana By Kayla

kelanabykayla.com · 7 mths by Kelana by Kayla

Head south to the sundrenched beaches or discover the sacred temples in the north. Although there is little tourist structure making it difficult to..

Moscow Moves

vimeo.com · 8 mths by Mindy

Moscow is an unusual city, it's really huge and has different shapes. The city with so many stereotypes that are often spoken about it. The city tha..

Best Foot Forward: Hiking Your Way Around The World

lonelyplanet.com · 8 mths by Pete R.

Choosing to hike and walk for a good part of your global travels allows you to experience the world through a unique lens – you’ll get to know local..

The Abandoned Village Of Old Roghudi, Part Of Calabria, Italy's Greek Cultural Heritage

nationalgeographic.com · 10 mths by Pete R.

In a way, they are Greek ruins. But you won't find a temple to Apollo, or urns painted with striding athletes in the abandoned hillside village ..

Iceland Photo Tours - Winter Image Spot On Vimeo

vimeo.com · 10 mths by Mindy

Last November Iurie Belegurschi invited me to come to Iceland. I filmed a photo tour organized by his company Iceland Photo Tours (http://www.icelan..

Pictures Of Paris Replica In China

nationalgeographic.com · 11 mths by Pete R.

The Eiffel Tower (left) is one of Paris's most iconic landmarks. The second largest replica in the world can be found in Tianducheng, China (right),..

More Than Zion-hiking Snow Canyon State Park And Red Cliffs Desert Reserve

casualtravelist.com · 11 mths by Mary

Zion National Park may be the big draw for the thousands of visitors to St. George, Utah but the stunning southwestern landscapes don’t end at the p..

Beyond The Curve

vimeo.com · 11 mths by Steve S.

The journey 21 days through the South Iran ( Tehran - Shiraz - Yazd - Esfahan - Kashan - Tehran) and North Iran ( Tehran - Tabriz - Lake Urmia) -- ..

The Ultimate Guide To Traveling The Karakoram Highway - 2 Weeks Itinerary For The 8th Wonders Of The World

bucketlistly.blog · 11 days by Pete R.

Some call it the 8th wonders of the world, the Karakoram Highway (KKH) is an ancient Silk Road turned international highway that connects Pakistan a..

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Disaster In The Alps

outsideonline.com · 2 mths by Pete R.

At 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 29, 2018, a group of ten skiers set out from a secluded mountain hut more than 9,000 feet up in the Swiss Alps. Perche..