Ecuadorian Society Lived In Cloud Forest Until Spanish Arrival

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Ecuador's scenic cloud forests hide evidence for the agricultural communities that once thrived in the region. PUBLISHED July 16, 2018 In th..

Why Mount Washington Kills

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Before sunrise, one Monday morning in February last year, Kate Matrosova’s husband dropped her off at a trailhead in New Hampshire’s White Mountains..

An Alpine Adventure: Hiking From Germany To Italy — Minivan Of Memories

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We got married in June 2016 and had 2 weeks off for our honeymoon. We didn’t want to travel too far, but we wanted to go somewhere special, memorabl..

10 Most Creative Travel Videos Of All Time - That Inspired Me To Be A Travel Filmmaker

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I love travel videos, they are inspiring, beautiful and always put me in a good mood. Travel videos have the effect of igniting the wanderlust insid..

A Complete Guide To Sri Lanka Flea Markets | Sri Lanka

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Picking up the magnificent scent of culinary spices in Sri Lanka flea markets is what first blew my mind. It was a unique discovery that came quite ..

Welcome To Japan

vimeo.com · 11 mths by Cyproxy

A short video about our Trip in Japan. Shot with a 5D Mark IV and canon log. Music Atlas by Les Gordon


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One of the most powerful films I’ve seen as a young boy is one most people have never heard of. Cryptically titled ‘Koyaanisqatsi’, this unique…

How To Rent A Traditional 'Hanbok' For A Day in Seoul, South Korea

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If there is one activity in Seoul of South Korea that you absolutely must NOT miss, it is to try on the elegant Korean traditional clothing called a..

Bali Itinerary For 10 Days - Kelana By Kayla

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Bali is easily the most popular island in Indonesia, and maybe even Asia! With its beautiful locals, tasty cuisine, fascinating culture and relax be..

Rick Steves Wants To Save The World, One Vacation At A Time - The New York Times

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The travel guru believes the tiniest exposure to other cultures will change Americans’ entire lives. RICK STEVES CAN TELL YOU how to avoid havin..

What Does Globalization Really Destroy?

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While walking down the streets of Medellín, I came across a Dunkin’ Donuts, a donut chain from my hometown of Boston. (It’s the best. Locals are qui..

5 Awesome Things To Do In Karimabad - A Guide To The Shangri-la Of The Hunza Valley, Pakistan

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I dare say, Karimabad is the real Shangri-La that was mentioned in James Hilton's Lost Horizon. A paradise on earth, this capital city of Hunza Vall..