A Short Guide To Berat, Albania | The City Of A Thousand Windows - The Sandy Feet

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Pocket-sized Berat, the city of a thousand windows, is one of Albania’s most enchanting sights. Cascading steeply to the banks of the Osum River..

Will 2019 Be Your Year Of Better Sleep, At Least On The Road? - The New York Times

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From hotels to airlines, the entire travel industry is paying special attention this year to helping guests and passengers rest well on flights, in ..

See How Girls Live As Boys In Afghanistan

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Fourteen-year-old Ali was raised as a boy in a practice known in Afghanistan as bacha posh. Ali's sisters stand behind her in the room they share. ..

Europe's Forgotten Former Capitals

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Escape the crowds with a trip to one of Europe’s forgotten former capitals – faded charm guaranteed. This central Portuguese gem exhibits the so..

1 Woman, 12 Months, 52 Places

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The man on the train platform who spoke only Hindi looked at my ticket and chuckled. This had been one of those days when mistakes piled up faster t..

Three New Year’s Resolutions For Better Travel In 2019

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It’s not uncommon for people to set unrealistic expectations when making New Year’s resolutions, which likely contributes to most of them failing. O..

Hiking The Tiger Leaping Gorge In China: A Guide To Hike This Easy-ish Trail — The Gone Goat

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What’s interesting about the Tiger Leaping Gorge hike is that it takes you to the high-altitude border town of Shangri-La in China, which was once f..

How To Get To Gilgit From Islamabad - Everything You Need To Know Before Taking The Bus

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The north of Pakistan is where all the epic landscapes are at and if you are planning a trip to Northern Pakistan, you are likely to be passing thro..

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Kyiv may not be the first city that comes to mind for Christmas travel. However, visiting the Ukrainian capital during the festive season may change..

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I’ve managed to travel to all 7 continents now, and from all of my adventures, one of the countries that I will never get tired of revisiting for mu..

Best Places to Visit in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Following are the top attractions of San Juan, Puerto Rico which will make your vacation more beautiful.

How Safe Are Cruises? Safe Cruise Tips For Smooth Sailing

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Cruising is one of the most convenient and safest ways to travel, but like any form of travel, cruising isn’t entirely without potential risk. P..