Earlier this year, London-based photographer Michal Huniewicz traveled to one of the most curious countries in the world—North Korea. He was accompanied by a small tour group and two guides who took them around the capital city of Pyongyang. As you might expect, this trip was not an easy one to make. Among numerous restrictions, photography is generally illegal (except in certain areas), but Huniewicz decided to take his camera anyways. His tour guides told him he’d likely have the pictures taken away, but Huniewicz was miraculously able to leave the country with all of his photos in tow.
The incredible series provides some insight into a land and culture that’s cut off from the rest of the world. Huniewicz captures Pyongyang’s sweeping architecture and monuments, as well as its citizens’ everyday lives—namely, their day-to-day existence with constant military presence. He notes that they spent a long time in the “good” parts of the city, while they simply passed through the less…

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