There are many things in life that we can choose to be but one thing we can't choose is where we are born. The location of our birth can determine the opportunity we will get, the privilege we will receive, and it can predefine how our lives will play out. I truly believe that traveling the world is a rite of passage every human being in this world should take, but unfortunately, the access to this privilege is predetermined by which country we are born in and the passport we were given.

I have been traveling the world since 2012 and every time I mentioned to the first-world passport holders, the things I have to go through in order to go to a place like Europe, they were shocked.

I am a Thai citizen through and through and my Thai passport is ranked 54 on the Passport Index with 39 countries visa-free, 41 visa-on-arrival and 116 countries visa required. In comparison to European passports which ranked 2 - 10 on the Passport Index with over 119 visa-free, 36 visa-on-arrival and only 43 countries visa required, you can see the difference.

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