Day 7 tromso 065

Now it was time to go North, really North, and by boat! We were back on the Hurtigruten and up the coast once more. In the morning after the sunrise the cliffs, covered in ice and snow looked spectacular. As midday approached the ships Captain informed us that soon we would be approaching The North Cape - The Northernmost point of mainland Europe. Only the Svalbard Islands seperate it from the North Pole. What was making it more of an adventure was the fact that a storm had blown in. All passengers raced to the deck (very well wrapped up) and sure enough the cliff of the North Cape came into view. (To give an idea how cold and windy it was I have this video) Not long later and around the corner was our land destination - Honningsvåg (One of the most northern cities in the world). Coloured houses, covered in ice and snow and has a real cold isolated feel about it up here. These people in summer have the midnight sun and go without darkness for months. From here we departed by

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