Day 9 045

Well, all good things must come to an end, but this was not without a great day to equal all others. We had rested overnight in the far north town of Alta and were ready for a fun packed day. First up..... Snow Scooter Safari :) What a hoot! Suited up and on the trail we revved up. Cold cold air blasting the face, all negated by speed, turns and views as we wound upwards. As we reached a high plateau the wind was whipping up the snow and blowing it across the land in the sunlight, was surreal. After the excitement of the afternoons motoring we made our way to Sorrisniva Igloo (Ice) Hotel. The first one in Norway and was quite simply massive! Again, photos do not quite give it the feeling you have of being in there but I can honestly say to see it in its glory with the lighting and ice sculptures is a memory that will stay with me. Of course we just 'had' to sample the blue vodka in ice glasses whilst there. It was at this evening that we got the shout that outside the

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