Before we start – The Green Mile Bangkok is an overpass and not to be confused with the other, much more famous Green Mile where the big guy is on death row and he does magic on Tom Hanks (film critic sub-blog coming soon). The Bangkok green mile is, unsurprisingly, a lot more fun than the one that connects a prison cell and an electric chair. And whilst it’s generally difficult to get excited about an elevated walkway unless you are – I dunno – really into civil engineering on reflection, I would say that the green mile is well worth exploring in its own right.

The Green Mile connects two of Bangkok’s prettiest central open spaces – Lumpini Park and Benjakitti Park. I’ve known about the Bangkok green mile for quite some time as I run in Lumphini a fair bit, yet we’ve never ventured ontto it for two reasons – first, I’ve never been totally certain where it is. Second, I am far too lazy to add extra distance into my running route. But the green mile here in Bangkok is as much about the journey as the destination(s).

As it slices through the heart of the city, you get to see a cross-section of Bangkok daily life carrying on below and around you, from the tightly packed, wood and corrugated iron shacks along the klongs to the insta-happy photo crowds snapping away around you. Coupled with the lush beauty of the parks at either end, the Bangkok Green Mile has enough more than enough points of interest to make it worth an afternoon out.

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