Semi rad noise tent h

Did you hear that? What was that? Some possibilities:

A Bear

That noise was a bear. That bear is going to either interact with you in a violent manner or leave you alone. Did you accidentally bring a Snickers bar inside the tent? Well, that's proving to be a huge mistake, isn't it? You’re going to die.

A Dipshit

That noise was that dipshit Terry, who got hammered and passed out in a camp chair next to the fire after an evening of loud pointless stories, interrupting, and annoying the shit out of everyone, and no one felt like waking him up before they all put out the campfire and turned in for the night. Terry has tipped over his camp chair and fallen to the ground. No one knows who invited Terry. You could get up and see if he's okay, or you could recall that he vaguely insulted your career earlier, and then roll over in your sleeping bag and go back to sleep. I mean, he’s not going to die out there. Plus, he’s an adult. An adult douchebag.

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