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There are many places in Athens that make pies of all kind. It is impossible to visit them and try them all. In this article we will focus only on places that according to our taste have the best traditional Greek pies. What characterises a traditional Greek pie (pita / πίτα in Geek) is its phyllo sheets made of fresh ingredients. Different processes and recipes are carried out to give each phyllo a different texture; sometimes thick and rich, and sometimes thin and translucent. There are pies made with a large number of sheets, layered one on top of the other and filled with ingredients like cheese, meat and various vegetables. While, there are others that are made with a simple mixture of flour and other tasteful ingredients.

Ariston (Άριστον) :  Τhis small bakery stands in the same place since 1910 and treats the people of Athens with its famous “kourou” cheese pie. There are times, especially in the morning, you have to wait in a queue to taste this always hot and fresh delicacy. The recipe came from Konstantinoupolis by its founder Dionysios Lompotesis and it is still a secret. Nowdays apart from the cheese pie, you can taste here 120 different pies with traditional recipes from all over Greece, which offer unique tastes and flavours. (Voulis 10, Syntagma Square)

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