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On and off digital nomad currently in Bangalore, India. I code while I travel with @fatcatshankar who writes http://secondbreakfast.in

Things To Do In Little Havana, Miami

youtube.com · 2 yrs by Avinasha Shastry

Skip the beach for a day and explore the Cuban culture and food in Little Havana, Miami!

Hop on a bike and explore the street food wonders of Ho Chi Minh City en

secondbreakfast.in · over 3 years by Avinasha Shastry

In this post, I’m going to tell you about an incredible night we had recently, and one of the most fun things we did in our two months in Vietnam: T..

Dubai Dreaming en

secondbreakfast.in · over 4 years by Avinasha Shastry

Confession: I just looked up Bangalore to Dubai flights....

Banh Mi In Bangkok en

secondbreakfast.in · over 4 years by Avinasha Shastry

Thursday afternoon in Bangkok, a couple of blocks from the EM District Mall, the sky turns from blue to greyish, although the sun still beats down. ..

Your Cheat Sheet To Bangkok Food: All The Things You Must Eat en

secondbreakfast.in · almost 5 years by Avinasha Shastry

Bangkok is one city that is extremely passionate about food. Happy smiling people who are very proud of their cuisine. It truly reflects in the way ..