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Trollstigen National Tourist Route: One Of Norway's Most Breathtaking Roads! – I Am Aileen en

iamaileen.com · 3 yrs by Aileen Adalid

Experience the most beautiful road trip in Norway via the Geiranger-Trollstigen National Tourist Route's serpentine roads, towering fjords, and more!

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Antarctica Expedition Travel Guide: A 20-Day Itinerary with Hurtigruten

iamaileen.com · 2 yrs by Aileen Adalid

Antarctica is one of my utmost dream destinations! After all, I don’t think there is any other place on Earth that is similarly pristine, remote and..

Exploring Yehliu, Shifen & Jiufen: A Day Tour From Taipei, Taiwan en

iamaileen.com · over 2 years by Aileen Adalid

Taiwan may be a small country in Southeast Asia but it has no shortage of amazing sights for travelers to explore and experience! For instance, you ..

DIY Trip Itinerary & Travel Guide: 3 Days In Taiwan en

iamaileen.com · over 2 years by Aileen Adalid

Taiwan is is a stunning island nation that is smacked right between the countries of Japan and the Philippines. In fact, as someone who has grown up..

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Cherry Blossom (Sakura) 2018 Japan Forecast: When & Where To Visit!

iamaileen.com · 2 yrs by Aileen Adalid

It’s NO exaggeration when I say that every Japanese and (almost) every keen traveler in the world keeps a close watch on the cherry blossom (sakura)..

DIY Travel Guide: Norway Road Trip Itinerary (West & East Area) – I Am Aileen en

iamaileen.com · over 2 years by Aileen Adalid

Norway was a dream destination of mine. In fact, just the thought of cruising through its complex fjords and dramatic landscapes made me shudder wit..

Ultimate New Zealand Road Trip Itinerary for 1st-Time Visitors (North & South Island)

iamaileen.com · almost 2 years by Aileen Adalid

A lot of you would have known by now how I adore New Zealand — and that’s not just because it’s the set for ‘Middle-earth’. Regrettably, first t..

Diy Trip Itinerary: 5 Days In The Stunning Faroe Islands en

iamaileen.com · over 2 years by Aileen Adalid

Growing up in the islands of Batanes in the Philippines, I am no stranger to natural terrains and formations that can easily take anyone’s breath aw..

5 Interesting Facts About Switzerland: An Inside Look Of The Swiss Lifestyle – I Am Aileen en

iamaileen.com · almost 3 years by Aileen Adalid

Beyond Switzerland's Alpine mountains, cheeses, chocolates and watches is the fascinating lifestyle of the Swiss. Here are 5 interesting facts about..

Top 20 Best Things To Do in South Island Of New Zealand

iamaileen.com · over 1 year by Aileen Adalid

As the larger landmass of the two major islands in New Zealand, the South Island (Te Waipounamu) is highly renowned for its majestic natural landsca..

Travel Diary : 2017 Year In Review

youtube.com · 2 yrs by Aileen Adalid

...20 countries, 5 continents and 41 flights — my 2017 was an intense yet memorable year filled with conquered dreams and EPIC adventures! Thank you..

Making Unique 'Sampuru' In Japan's Fake Food Capital: Gujo Hachiman! en

iamaileen.com · over 2 years by Aileen Adalid

In Japan, various cities often have their own unique dishes or specialties that are famous worldwide. In Gifu Prefecture, you will find an old river..