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Singapore Food: Top 10 Must-Eat Local Dishes

iamaileen.com · 1 day by Aileen Adalid

Singapore is not only known for its world-class airport facilities, heart-pumping theme parks and awe-inspiring city skyline but also for its finger..

15 Instagram-Worthy Cafes in Bali, Indonesia

iamaileen.com · 10 days by Aileen Adalid

There’s no denying that Bali is one of the perfect summer getaways that you can do especially with its expansive rice terraces, unspoiled beaches, a..

How To Take A KPop Dance Class In Seoul, South Korea – I Am Aileen

iamaileen.com · 13 days by Aileen Adalid

Are you a fan of KPop? …I’m not (or at least not yet *wink, wink*) BUT it doesn’t mean that I’m not interested about it — because I am! I may not be..

The Ultimate Guide Of Top Things To Do In Tokyo, Japan (Per District)

iamaileen.com · 3 mths by Aileen Adalid

FACT: at a very young age, I have stumbled into the bemusing world of anime (Japanese animations) and manga (Japanese comics). Right then and there,..

Cherry Blossom (Sakura) 2019 Japan Forecast: When & Where To Visit!

iamaileen.com · 4 mths by Aileen Adalid

It’s NO exaggeration when I say that every Japanese and (almost) every keen traveler in the world keeps a close watch on the cherry blossom (sakura)..

DIY Trip: Ultimate Japan Itinerary & Travel Guide For 4, 7, 10, 14, and 21 Days

iamaileen.com · 4 mths by Aileen Adalid

I’ve managed to travel to all 7 continents now, and from all of my adventures, one of the countries that I will never get tired of revisiting for mu..

Iceland Itinerary For 10 Days (More Or Less): The Ultimate Ring Road Trip Travel Guide

iamaileen.com · 6 mths by Aileen Adalid

There are only a few number of destinations worldwide that have enraptured me with its mind blowing beauty — and among my extraordinary trips to Ant..

Singapore Layover: Things to Do In & Out of The Airport in 24 Hours or Less

iamaileen.com · 8 mths by Aileen Adalid

It’s no news that travelers detest long flight stopovers — but, if there is one place that I wouldn’t mind having a long layover in, it would be in ..

Top 20 Best Things To Do in South Island Of New Zealand

iamaileen.com · 11 mths by Aileen Adalid

As the larger landmass of the two major islands in New Zealand, the South Island (Te Waipounamu) is highly renowned for its majestic natural landsca..

Top 20 Best Things To Do in North Island of New Zealand

iamaileen.com · 11 mths by Aileen Adalid

New Zealand is a coveted destination by many and in the two main landmasses that comprise it, it’s no news that the South Island (Te Waipounamu) typ..

Korea's DMZ Tour: Explore The World's Most Heavily Guarded Border

iamaileen.com · 12 mths by Aileen Adalid

The Korean peninsula has long been divided into the two countries: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and Republic of Korea (South ..

Exploring Nami Island, Petite France & More: A Day Tour From Seoul, South Korea

iamaileen.com · 12 mths by Aileen Adalid

Without a doubt, there is more to South Korea than its bustling city of Seoul. For instance, there is the stunning county of Gapyeong which has attr..

Ultimate New Zealand Road Trip Itinerary for 1st-Time Visitors (North & South Island)

iamaileen.com · 12 mths by Aileen Adalid

A lot of you would have known by now how I adore New Zealand — and that’s not just because it’s the set for ‘Middle-earth’. Regrettably, first t..

How To Rent A Traditional 'Hanbok' For A Day in Seoul, South Korea

iamaileen.com · 12 mths by Aileen Adalid

If there is one activity in Seoul of South Korea that you absolutely must NOT miss, it is to try on the elegant Korean traditional clothing called a..

Diy Trip Seoul Itinerary & Travel Guide: 5 Days (More Or Less)

iamaileen.com · 1 yr by Aileen Adalid

One of my most recent adventures with KKday was to the dynamic metropolis of Seoul in South Korea — a bustling city that not only holds a strong pre..