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Halong Bay Cruise In Vietnam on a Junk Boat for 3 Days & 2 Nights en

iamaileen.com · over 3 years by Aileen Adalid

The best way to experience Halong Bay is, of course, by boat. If you're looking for a great operator, L'Azalee Cruises is a wonderful option! Guaran..

South Georgia: A Breathtaking Antarctic Hub for Wildlife Viewing

iamaileen.com · over 2 years by Aileen Adalid

It’s no understatement to say that my stopover in South Georgia during my Antarctica cruise with Hurtigruten was the best wildlife experience that I..

4-Day Itinerary In Niigata, Japan — The Land Of Sake, Snow, Rice, Gold, and Adventure! en

iamaileen.com · over 3 years by Aileen Adalid

Wanna go to an off-the-beaten-path destination near Tokyo? Head to Niigata and get the most out of this popular Japanese hotspot with this itinerary..

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Ultimate Hiking Guide To Norway's Stunning Trolltunga (Troll's Tongue) en

iamaileen.com · over 3 years by Aileen Adalid

Looking to check Trolltunga off your bucket list? Read this hiking guide that has all the tips you'll ever need to conquer this famous hike in Norway!

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Discover The Historic Villages Of Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama In Japan en

iamaileen.com · 3 yrs by Aileen Adalid

There is no shortage of picturesque traditional villages in Japan and some of the best from them all would be the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Shi..

A Sensory Experience: Dark Dining At 'Dine In the Dark' (DID) of Bangkok, Thailand en

iamaileen.com · 3 yrs by Aileen Adalid

“How about trying our ‘Dine in the Dark’ experience…?”, the staff at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit quipped while I was pondering about my next meal for ..

Batanes Itinerary For 5 Days: Travel to Batan, Sabtang & Itbayat en

iamaileen.com · 3 yrs by Aileen Adalid

A northern beauty of the Philippines, Batanes is a group of islands filled with vast pasture lands, rolling hills, towering volcanoes, dramatic clif..

Top 20 Instagrammable Spots In Cape Town, South Africa

iamaileen.com · 11 mths by Aileen Adalid

Journey to Cape Town, the oldest city in South Africa, and you’re sure to find magnificent natural landscapes, dramatic coastlines and colourful sig..

Top 10 Things To Do In Gujo Hachiman City (Japan) en

iamaileen.com · 3 yrs by Aileen Adalid

Nestled within the prefecture of Gifu is the charming riverside town of Gujo Hachiman (郡上八幡, Gujō Hachiman) which is just less than 2 hours away fro..

Exploring Takayama: Japan's "Little Kyoto Of Hida" en

iamaileen.com · 3 yrs by Aileen Adalid

If you’re looking for a thoroughly old and authentic traditional Japanese village, traveling to the city of Takayama in Gifu Prefecture is a must. T..

Exploring Rome & The Vatican: A 2-day Tour Itinerary en

iamaileen.com · over 3 years by Aileen Adalid

Rome is a treasure trove filled with rich historical landmarks & urban scenes. The best itinerary for this eternal city? Go on tour w/ an experience..

Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Hong Kong

iamaileen.com · 1 yr by Aileen Adalid

Hong Kong is a treasure trove of sorts given its culinary delights, bustling skyline, dynamic culture, rustic charm, and rich landscape among many o..