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Antarctic Animals: Types Of Wildlife To Spot During An Antarctica Cruise – I Am Aileen

iamaileen.com · over 1 year by Aileen Adalid

Due to the cold and harsh environment in Antarctica, it’s expected that it is NOT a hospitable place for ‘life‘ to survive in. In fact, as 98% of th..

Cherry Blossom (Sakura) 2019 Japan Forecast: When & Where To Visit!

iamaileen.com · 6 mths by Aileen Adalid

It’s NO exaggeration when I say that every Japanese and (almost) every keen traveler in the world keeps a close watch on the cherry blossom (sakura)..

Top 20 Best Things To Do in North Island of New Zealand

iamaileen.com · 1 yr by Aileen Adalid

New Zealand is a coveted destination by many and in the two main landmasses that comprise it, it’s no news that the South Island (Te Waipounamu) typ..

Top 10 Reasons To Explore India in The Maharajas Express Luxury Train

iamaileen.com · over 1 year by Aileen Adalid

I have gone through several luxury travel experiences from all over the world in the past 4 years, and my time with India’s famous Maharajas Express..

Exploring the Grand Canyon West Rim by Land, Air & Water en

iamaileen.com · over 1 year by Aileen Adalid

When I finally had the chance to visit Las Vegas in the USA earlier this year, I definitely made it my goal to visit one of the great 7 natural wond..

Niigata Prefecture: A New Japan Foodie Destination! en

iamaileen.com · almost 2 years by Aileen Adalid

Niigata Prefecture is one of those hidden gems in Japan that foreign tourists have yet to discover — especially as a foodie destination! After all, ..

Niigata, Japan: The Land Of Sake, Snow, Rice, And Adventure! en

youtube.com · 2 yrs by Aileen Adalid

Want a unique destination that's just a 2-hour train ride away from Tokyo in Japan? Come to Niigata to enjoy its array of activities and taste the B..

Travel Guide & Tips: Things To Do As You Celebrate Bastille Day In Paris, France en

iamaileen.com · over 2 years by Aileen Adalid

A day of festivities & fireworks, a trip to Paris during Bastille Day is a must when in Europe! See the top tips & things to do for this day in this..

How To Take A KPop Dance Class In Seoul, South Korea – I Am Aileen

iamaileen.com · 2 mths by Aileen Adalid

Are you a fan of KPop? …I’m not (or at least not yet *wink, wink*) BUT it doesn’t mean that I’m not interested about it — because I am! I may not be..

10 Things Foreigners Should Know About the Philippines en

iamaileen.com · over 3 years by Aileen Adalid

For those who are planning on visiting the country, here are 10 fun and interesting facts that you must know about the Philippines!

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Paris, The City of Love & Lights – I am Aileen en

iamaileen.com · 4 yrs by Aileen Adalid

Paris is one of the world's most expensive cities, but your trip doesn't need to be pricey. For starters, here are the top 10 FREE things to do in P..

How To Rent A Traditional 'Hanbok' For A Day in Seoul, South Korea

iamaileen.com · 1 yr by Aileen Adalid

If there is one activity in Seoul of South Korea that you absolutely must NOT miss, it is to try on the elegant Korean traditional clothing called a..