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Where To Stay In Seoul: Namsan Gil House - Review - Escape The Confines en

escapetheconfines.com · over 1 year by Kim

An honest review of Namsan Gil House - an affordable hostel located in Myeongdong district of Seoul. See what it looks like inside the house!

Travel Guide: See Singapore's Best In Just 5 Days

escapetheconfines.com · 4 mths by Kim

I’ve always wanted to see Singapore, but somehow I just couldn’t see myself traveling around the city alone. Thankfully I was able to invite my good..

Best Tips For First Time Travelers To Japan

escapetheconfines.com · 8 mths by Kim

I know that going to a foreign country like Japan can be quite daunting for some, so I'll be sharing some useful tips that first-time travelers shou..

Travel Guide: A First-timer's 5-day Itinerary In Bangkok en

escapetheconfines.com · over 1 year by Kim

This is how I spent 5 days in Bangkok, the bustling cosmopolitan capital of Thailand, as a first-time visitor.

Travel Guide: Our 4-day Budget Itinerary In Taipei en

escapetheconfines.com · 10 mths by Kim

If you have less than a week to see Taipei, check out this itinerary I planned for an amazing food and travel adventure in Taiwan!

Bangkok Travel Guide: Grand Palace Tips You Should Know en

escapetheconfines.com · 11 mths by Kim

A trip to Thailand is never complete without a visit to The Grand Palace. Here are all the things I wish I knew before visiting this architectural b..

Seoul Travel Guide: Myeongdong Shopping Street | Escape The Confines en

escapetheconfines.com · over 1 year by Kim

Myeongdong is one of Seoul’s main shopping and tourism districts. It’s also one of the best (and not to mention, busiest) places to buy clothes, mak..

Seoul Travel Guide: Namsan Tower And The Locks Of Love en

escapetheconfines.com · over 1 year by Kim

One of the best tourist attractions and date spots in Seoul is Namsan Tower and the Locks of Love. Namsan Tower or more commonly called N Seoul Towe..

Adventure-packed Weekend At Danasan Eco Park en

escapetheconfines.com · 9 mths by Kim

Here are reasons why you should include Danasan Eco Adventure Park in your must-visit places in 2018 when you're in the Philippines.

The Muggle’s Guide To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter en

escapetheconfines.com · 2 yrs by Kim

I grew up reading and watching Harry Potter so seeing the magical world of Harry Potter was a dream come true when I went to Universal Studios in Ja..

9 Hours Narita Airport – A Capsule Hotel In Japan en

escapetheconfines.com · almost 2 years by Kim

Ever since I heard about Capsule hotels, I was always intrigued by the concept. When I had a connecting flight to Turkey at Narita airport, I had a ..

Korea’s Most Famous Royal Palace: Gyeongbokgung en

escapetheconfines.com · 2 yrs by Kim

It was only on our 3rd day in Korea that we got to visit Gyeongbokgung Palace since my friend Kat and I pretty much spent our first few days in Myeo..