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Romantic Weekend Getaways From Sydney – Kelana By Kayla

kelanabykayla.com · 1 mth by Kelana by Kayla

There is no doubt about it, Sydney is one of the best cities on earth! You can easily spend more than 4 days exploring the city of Sydney, but the r..

Noosa Coastal Walk- Spending The Day In Noosa’s National Park – Kelana By Kayla

kelanabykayla.com · 5 mths by Kelana by Kayla

With tropical rainforest, swimming holes, sparkling coasts and extraordinary wildlife there’s more to explore in the sunshine state of Queensland a..

Best Places To Visit In Thailand - Kelana By Kayla

kelanabykayla.com · over 1 year by Kelana by Kayla

With a country full of culture and history, friendly locals and studded palm-tree beaches it’s no secret Thailand is home to some truly spectacular ..

Best Things To Do In Laos For A First Timer - Kelana By Kayla

kelanabykayla.com · almost 2 years by Kelana by Kayla

Overshadowed by its better-known coastal neighbours, Laos remains one of Southeast Asia’s most charming destinations. True to the Buddhist ways, the..

Our Ultimate Bali Travel Guide en

kelanabykayla.com · 3 yrs by Kelana by Kayla

To some Bali is solely a vacation destination, but it has some insanely rich culture waiting to be explored! After many trips, here's our Bali Trave..

Travel Blogger’s Cameras en

kelanabykayla.com · over 3 years by Kelana by Kayla

After some observations I found that main question we get asked was "What camera do you use?".Here is a collaborative post of travel blogger's camer..

How To Find Cheap Flights: Tips From Travel Bloggers - Kelana By Kayla

kelanabykayla.com · 11 mths by Kelana by Kayla

Not up for paying thousands of dollars for flights? Well neither am I! And guess what I don’t! As a travel blogger, I have become extremely savv..

The Best Nyc Theatre District Bars - Kelana By Kayla

kelanabykayla.com · 12 mths by Kelana by Kayla

Have you found yourself with 30 minutes to kill in Midtown before your Broadway show starts? Or maybe the curtains just closed on tonight’s performa..

Nha Trang Cooking Class And Cultural Journey In Vietnam - Kelana By Kayla

kelanabykayla.com · over 1 year by Kelana by Kayla

On a recent trip to Cam Ranh where I was hosted by The Anam Resort ( about 20km from Nha Trang), I was able to delve a little deeper and discover so..

10 Tips For Travelling Through Asia en

kelanabykayla.com · 3 yrs by Kelana by Kayla

As the largest continent both in land size and population, Asia has something for everyone! Here are our 10 tips for travelling through Asia.

Sri Lanka 10 Day Itinerary - Top Places To Visit In Sri Lanka - Kelana By Kayla

kelanabykayla.com · 6 mths by Kelana by Kayla

Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean, the small country offers an exciting mix of culture, wildlife, and sweepi..

My South Africa Bucketlist en

kelanabykayla.com · almost 3 years by Kelana by Kayla

Fast becoming the adventure capital of the world with so much to see and do. Here's our South Africa Bucketlist with 30 things to do!