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The Peruvian Amazon: Not A Place For Nervous People

outpostmagazine.com · over 3 years by MFraiman

After losing my bank card in a secluded city in the jungle, we spent three days in a village with barely any electricity, where climate change is th..

The Traveller's Guide To Getting Sun Poisoning In Acapulco en

outpostmagazine.com · almost 4 years by MFraiman

“It’s different here,” they all said. “The sun is stronger.” I didn't listen.

How To Smoke Hookah In The Middle East Like You Know What You're Doing | Outpost Magazine en

outpostmagazine.com · 4 yrs by MFraiman

I had my first sheesha in 2000, a few days after moving to the Middle East. This was before the Hookah Craze took America’s cities, and later its su..

The Reluctant Traveller: An Eye-opening Odyssey in Micronesia en

outpostmagazine.com · over 4 years by MFraiman

"Why am I writing this while sitting at a makeshift desk in a thatched roof bungalow on an unpaved street in Pohnpei, Micronesia? Trust me, this was..

Escaping To A Nubian Era In Egypt's Southern Oasis en

outpostmagazine.com · 4 yrs by MFraiman

Mud baths, spiced coffee and a dip in Egypt’s Nile River—it’s what makes in Aswan, the colourful Nubian village, a perfect oasis in the desert.

Unearthing The History Of Malaga, Spain, Through Its Ancient Trees | Outpost Magazine en

outpostmagazine.com · 4 yrs by MFraiman

Malaga is more than its sunny Spanish beaches. As this expert wood artisan discovers, it's home to some of the most unique, storied trees in Europe.

Wading Through The World's Biggest Vinyl Market In Utrecht, Netherlands en

outpostmagazine.com · 4 yrs by MFraiman

One woman travels nearly 8,000 kilometres to mingle with 30,000 audiophile men to figure out vinyl’s second wave.