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Gambia, The Smiling Coast Of Africa — Minivan Of Memories

goo.gl · over 1 year by Minivan of Memories

At the end of December 2017 I spent 5 days in Gambia. Beautiful beaches, friendly people and always nice weather. Except in the rainy season. The Ga..

The Priceless Ethiopian Wealthiness — Minivan Of Memories

goo.gl · over 1 year by Minivan of Memories

Ryan Devlin - Ehtiopia 2017 I knew very little about Ethiopia, but after spending four weeks there in July and August of 2017. I discovered that..

Paris, A Sunset To Remember — Minivan Of Memories

bit.ly · 9 mths by Minivan of Memories

Travel has the power to open windows no one imagined they exist. Also, it does open the doors of imagination, taking people to a completely differen..

The alpine challenge - driving Through The Stelvio Pass — Minivan Of Memories

bit.ly · 10 mths by Minivan of Memories

My mind has started to wonder and to dream. After almost three weeks solo travelling across the Alps, taking on some of the toughest sporting challe..

Memories Of The Anzac's Cove Battlefield In Turkey — Minivan Of Memories

bit.ly · 1 yr by Minivan of Memories

Ever since secondary school after hearing the stories of the ANZAC’s battle in Turkey I knew I had wanted to visit this place and pay my respects to..

Exploring Skuleskogen National Park, In Sweeden — Minivan Of Memories

bit.ly · 1 yr by Minivan of Memories

Explore Sweden is an incredible experience. We have discovered this country during our road trip from Kiruna to Stockholm. It was at the end of summ..

Falling For Rocky Mountains National Park — Minivan Of Memories

minivanofmemories.com · almost 2 years by Minivan of Memories

Rocky Mountain National Park, U.S. - @wtwildflowers Neither of us knew we would fall in love with mountains. Now, we cannot go two weeks without..

Gdansk, At Poland's Baltic Coast — Minivan Of Memories

minivanofmemories.com · 2 yrs by Minivan of Memories

Take dad to the Polish! Dreamer and photographer Jamie Paddock for his special travel memory organized a special surprise trip to celebrate the ..

Driving A Campervan Around Italy — Minivan Of Memories

bit.ly · 8 mths by Minivan of Memories

Me and my family decided to go on nice trip this year but we would never imagined how nice this trip would be. An Italian friend told me about the i..

The Simple Sophistication Of Paris — Minivan Of Memories

goo.gl · 1 yr by Minivan of Memories

Whenever you think about Paris you immediately think of romance and honeymoon getaway. But is Paris really just about romance? My first time in ..

Helicopter Adventure Over Manhattan — Minivan Of Memories

goo.gl · over 1 year by Minivan of Memories

I don’t know if you ‘ve ever been to New York, but this is one of my favorites places. I visited this awesome town twice and it will see me soon aga..

Cornwall, Kudhva And The Crazies At Polzeath — Minivan Of Memories

bit.ly · 4 mths by Minivan of Memories

Having completed my self built camper van in July 2018 I decided to hit the open road and head to Cornwall. I had some college buddies staying in Po..