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Syria Faces A New Foreign Invasion: Travel Bloggers

thedailybeast.com · 10 days by nomadicnotes

They’re not there to do politics. But is it possible not to?

Hanoi Train Street – An Infrastructure Anomaly That’s Become An Instagram Sensation

nomadicnotes.com · 4 mths by nomadicnotes

Hanoi train street is a passageway that has a single railway line passing through it. It's now a famous tourist attraction where you can sit in a ca..

Who Killed Tulum?

thecut.com · 10 mths by nomadicnotes

Greed, gringos, diesel, drugs, shamans, seaweed, and a disco ball in the jungle.

Giving Shenzhen A Second Chance en

nomadicnotes.com · over 2 years by nomadicnotes

Returning to Shenzhen six years after my first visit to find a completely different city than what I remember.

Jungle Railway In Malaysia – The Best Train Times And Most Scenic Sections

nomadicnotes.com · 6 mths by nomadicnotes

The Jungle Railway is one of the great train journeys of Southeast Asia, spanning the length of Peninsula Malaysia through its rugged interior. This..

Shamian – The Historic Concession Island Of Guangzhou

nomadicnotes.com · 4 mths by nomadicnotes

Shamian in Guangzhou is a former concession island that was established by the French and British after the Second Opium War. This small island has ..

The Acropolis And The Saga Of The Parthenon Marbles

nomadicnotes.com · 5 mths by nomadicnotes

Visiting the Acropolis in Athens and the Parthenon Marbles at the British Museum.

The Re-emergence Of Bangkok Chinatown – Get There Before The Metro Does

nomadicnotes.com · over 1 year by nomadicnotes

Chinatown in the old city area of Bangkok is starting to gentrify in anticipation of the Blue Line MRT metro extension.

Sihanoukville – The New Macau Of Southeast Asia

nomadicnotes.com · almost 2 years by nomadicnotes

Sihanoukville on the coast of Cambodia is being transformed into a gambling hub, and has been called the New Macau of Southeast Asia.

Koh Kradan – The Tropical Island Paradise In Thailand You’ve Been Dreaming Of

nomadicnotes.com · 8 mths by nomadicnotes

Koh Kradan is an island in the Andaman Sea off the coast of southern Thailand. Out of all the islands I’ve visited in Thailand, Kradan might be the ..

Jalan Jaksa – The Slow Demise Of Jakarta’s Backpacker Street

nomadicnotes.com · 25 days by nomadicnotes

Nomadic Notes Travel blog, guides, and reviews November 20, 2019 By James Clark 2 Comments

Notes On Jakarta – Metros, Moto Apps, An Airport Train, And A Giant Seawall

nomadicnotes.com · 1 mth by nomadicnotes

Notes on Jakarta. Riding the Jakarta MRT and the Soekarno–Hatta Airport Rail Link, and the future of Jakarta as the capital plans to move to Borneo.