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Dark Tourism Sites: Why Visit These Grim Destinations? — The Gone Goat

thegonegoat.com · 6 mths by Pashmina Binwani

Visiting grim destinations and dark tourism sites around the world may seem self-indulgent, irresponsible and insensitive after what YouTuber Logan ..

Weekend Trippin' In Budapest: 2 Days Itinerary — The Gone Goat

thegonegoat.com · 7 mths by Pashmina Binwani

What is it about Budapest (pronounced as Boo-da-PESHT) that makes it so special? On my 2 days trip to Budapest during the weekend, I wondered what m..

The Best Non-touristy Summer Holiday Destinations In June And July — The Gone Goat

thegonegoat.com · 3 mths by Pashmina Binwani

There’s always places that work up a charm, where it feels like you’re stepping into an old book with familiar pages, where the rhythmic buzzing of ..

Taiwan In 10 Days Or Less Itinerary: A Hike, Surf, Cycle Adventure Guide — The Gone Goat

thegonegoat.com · 5 mths by Pashmina Binwani

What are some destinations that inspire you to travel further, that are relatively safe, have bicycle-dedicated highways, endless oceans, surfing an..

The Real-Life Narnia: 7 Days in Slovenia

thegonegoat.com · 8 mths by Pashmina Binwani

The lesser known destinations of Europe have a way of taking you by surprise with its whimsical quaint towns. Here’s the ultimate 7 day Slovenia iti..

Hiking The Tiger Leaping Gorge In China: A Guide To Hike This Easy-ish Trail — The Gone Goat

thegonegoat.com · 8 mths by Pashmina Binwani

What’s interesting about the Tiger Leaping Gorge hike is that it takes you to the high-altitude border town of Shangri-La in China, which was once f..

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The Chadar Trek: Life at -30 Degrees en

thegonegoat.com · 3 yrs by Pashmina Binwani

-30 and freezing cold temperatures. Ever wondered what's it like to experience India's most famous trek in Ladakh? 

Cycling In Malaysia: Cool Routes To Escape The City Heat — The Gone Goat

thegonegoat.com · 3 mths by Pashmina Binwani

Here are the best cycling routes in Malaysia to explore its forgotten towns, parks and colonial past. The parks don’t count as it is not as fun as c..

One Day In Bratislava: A Day Trip To Quaint Slovakia — The Gone Goat

thegonegoat.com · 5 mths by Pashmina Binwani

Imagine old-world charm, mysterious architecture and the clash of old and new in Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava. One day in Bratislava or on a day t..

10 Reasons Why I Travelled To Iran en

thegonegoat.com · over 2 years by Pashmina Binwani

Why I travelled to Iran? That's the question on everyone's minds (back home at least). With curious people, unending landscapes and the oldest c..