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Top 12 Street Food To Try In Taiwan - A Complete Foodie's Travel Guide To Street Food

bucketlistly.blog · 3 hrs by Pete R.

One of the greatest joys of traveling in Taiwan is to go walk its abundant night markets that sprung up at 6 PM, with street food trucks and stalls ..

Beirut's Painstaking Cultural Revival

bbc.com · 5 hrs by Pete R.

Months after the city's tragic explosion, a team of curators are carefully rebuilding one of the city's most important museums. On 4 August 2020..

The Long Lost City Of Tamão Is Hiding In Plain Sight

nationalgeographic.com · 1 day by Pete R.

The mysterious forerunner to the resort city of Macau was a blend of European and Chinese cultures. In downtown Macau stands a stone statue of a..

Amid A Mass Exodus, Could Ethnotourism Save Dagestan’s Mountain Villages? — The Calvert Journal

calvertjournal.com · 3 days by Pete R.

A sea of abandoned sandstone buildings spreads across a bold mountain cliff. The ancient, crumbling masonry looks as if it has grown into the rock, ..

The Next Frontier In Air Travel: Digital Passports As Proof Of Vaccination Or Testing

nbcnews.com · 5 hrs by Pete R.

All travelers who want to fly to the U.S. are required to present proof of negative Covid-19 tests. For now, proof takes the form of a printout of a..

The Long, Winding Journey Of China’s Train-riding Photographer

sixthtone.com · 5 hrs by Pete R.

Wang Fuchun, the award-winning photographer best known for his candid shots of Chinese people riding the train, has died at the age of 79, according..

These Beautiful Photos Of Subway Stations Will Transport You From Your Daily Commute - Atlas Obscura

atlasobscura.com · 1 day by Pete R.

The architecture of Munich’s Marienplatz station. (All photos: Courtesy of Chris M. Forsyth) “Honestly, I’m just really obsessed with looking at..

9 Best Things To Do In Alishan - One-day Hiking Itinerary For Alishan, Taiwan

bucketlistly.blog · 3 days by Pete R.

In Taiwan, there is Taroko Park where all the gorges and rivers are and then there is Alishan where you will find all the high mountains and ancient..

9 Best Things To Do In Kenting - A One-day Backpacking Itinerary To Kenting, Taiwan

bucketlistly.blog · 6 days by Pete R.

You may have known about Kenting from a movie Life of Pi but the national park, which encompasses the southern tip of Taiwan, has always been popula..

An Extraordinary Landscape At The Edge Of The World

bbc.com · 7 days by Pete R.

Australia is known worldwide for some truly distinctive rock formations. But there are few more remarkable than the eerie and astounding Pinnacles D..

Unst: A Real Life Treasure Island

bbc.com · 6 days by Pete R.

Legend has it that author Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1869 visit to the Scottish island inspired his classic tale of adventure, Treasure Island. Fr..

Georgia’s Giant Dumpling Born From Conquest

bbc.com · 14 days by Pete R.

Like many Georgian foods, khinkali are not originally from the country. But tracing where, exactly, their story began means confronting some powerfu..

7 Best Things To Do In Taroko Gorge - One-day Backpacking Itinerary For Taroko National Park, Taiwan

bucketlistly.blog · 21 days by Pete R.

Taroko Gorge, the stunning 18 km long canyon with the pristine blue Liwu river running through it is Taiwan's most known and celebrated tourist attr..

Exploring Thailand's Old Abandoned Cinemas

faroutmagazine.co.uk · 21 days by Pete R.

At a time when the film industry is shrouded in uncertainty, it serves as an appropriate opportunity to remember that the world of cinema has often ..

Tourism Desperately Wants A Return To The 'old Normal' But That Would Be A Disaster

theconversation.com · 21 days by Pete R.

With each passing day, the grave future of Earth becomes more stark. The disruption of COVID-19 has not been enough to shift the trajectory, nor has..