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The Milford Sound en

blog.bucketlistly.com · almost 5 years by Pete R.

The Milford Sound New Zealand’s Solo Traveler’s Journal Part 10 The Milford Sound is worth all the hype. Need I say more? After Queenstown, I went s..

The Ultimate Guide To Hiking Italy’s Most Breathtaking Trails

matadornetwork.com · almost 2 years by Pete R.

We’re not quite sure why Italy isn’t as popular a hiking destination as places like Patagonia, Iceland, or the Pacific Crest Trail. Italian hiking r..

Our Top 10 Things To Do In Bhutan en

travelinthemix.com · almost 4 years by Pete R.

It was no easy task picking our top 10 things to do in Bhutan. In a country brimming with beautiful and picture perfect sights Bhutan

Luxor, the Land of the Palaces en

blog.bucketlistly.com · over 4 years by Pete R.

Luxor, the Land of the Palaces Egypt Solo Traveler’s Journal Part 3 Luxor, once the capital jewel of Ancient Egypt is my final stop during my trip h..

Tokyo Is Not Expensive en

medium.com · over 4 years by Pete R.

The good life on less than $2000 a month

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The road story Vietnam en

vimeo.com · 5 yrs by Pete R.

In September 2014 my brother and me travelled Vietnam, 45 days amazing adventures. Canon 5D Mark III RAW ML Music "My Home" by Talisco Website : h..

The Ups And Downs Of Traveling The World As A Female Nomad en

nomadlist.com · over 4 years by Pete R.

In 2016, I’ll celebrate my four-year anniversary of being a digital nomad. So far, I’ve visited colorful Mexican surf towns, gotten a long-stay visa..

Rock Climbing in Kalymnos, Greece en

davidsbeenhere.com · 6 yrs by Pete R.

Known as the “Island of the Sponge divers,” Kalymnos has a long history with ties to the sea, but much to the delight of adrenaline junkies, things ..

Africa Travel Safety Tips en

ytravelblog.com · almost 6 years by Pete R.

A list of Africa travel safety tips for those travelling to Africa. Driving, health, african destinations, food and behaviour

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Alban Endlos – Umda: A Journey Through India

vimeo.com · 3 yrs by Pete R.

\\ Find out more about the brand new "UMDA EP" release at https://alban-endlos.bandcamp.com // To measure up to the electro-acoustic sound and the…

A series of fortunate & unfortunate events in getting to Chiang Mai en

thelongestwayhome.com · 6 yrs by Pete R.

Travel journal describing a typical series of unfortunate events taking Thai public transport in the height of tourist season to see Yee Peng in Chi..