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Tower-house Trails: Trekking In Georgia en

lonelyplanet.com · 1 yr by Pete R.

Beyond wine, hospitality and Stalin, Georgia conjures up images of mountain majesty. Soaring peaks are fronted by timeless highland tower-house vill..

What Mongolian Nomads Teach Us About The Digital Future en

wired.com · 1 yr by Pete R.

People who pack up and transport their house twice a year become choosy about their possessions. I recently traveled among the nomads of Mongolia fo..

This 60+ Couple Sold Everything They Owned To Explore The World en

nomadlist.com · over 1 year by Pete R.

Debbie and Michael, 60+, have been traveling since 2013 and documenting their adventures on their blog, Senior Nomads. Last year, they wrote a book ..

Alaska Backpacking Trip Report Part 1: Side Trips en

sayyes.com · over 1 year by Pete R.

Last month, 5 girlfriends and I went on a backpacking trip in Alaska. It was life changing, and there are memories from there that I’ll treasur..

How Much Tourism Is Too Much? en

nyti.ms · over 1 year by Pete R.

One morning a few weeks ago, I was leaving the building where I live, on a quiet, historic block in Brooklyn, and found a large group of tourists ou..

Slum Tourism: How It Began, The Impact It Has, And Why It Became So Popular en

forbes.com · over 1 year by Pete R.

Tours to slum-like, impoverished areas have become extremely popular around the world -- but why? What is the appeal and what do these tours actuall..

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Live Your Dream - A Stop Motion Of Asia

vimeo.com · over 1 year by Pete R.

WHY A TOUR IN ASIA? Attracted both by the beauty of Asia, we left our jobs to realise our dream: launch an online travel guide, while traveling six..

Valleys In The Sky

vimeo.com · almost 2 years by Pete R.

'Valleys in the Sky' takes you on a journey to one of the highest altitude and least populated regions in the world, located in the Indian Himalayas..

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Happy Antarctica: Journey On A Cruise Ship en

en.travelepisodes.com · almost 2 years by Pete R.

Cruise to Antarctica: King Penguins. Ice-water bath. Storms on the polar seas. Traveling to Antarctica on the hunt for happiness.

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500 Days Alaska to Argentina - The Modern Motorcycle Diaries en

youtube.com · almost 3 years by Pete R.

Alaska to Argentina in 500 Days, the sights and roads of a motorcycle journey, a one man video documentary of the craziest, most beautiful and inten..

What To Do In Barcelona - A One Day Guide To The Capital Of Catalonia, Spain

bucketlistly.blog · 7 mths by Pete R.

Barcelona is one of the most touristic cities in Europe and for good reason. The weather is amazing, their unique tourist attractions are plentiful,..

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Best Trips 2018

nationalgeographic.com · 9 mths by Pete R.

Looking for your next adventure? Our editors’ top picks will have you discovering new trails, tasting local foods, and spotting vibrant wildlife aro..