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A traveling couple - adventurous and impulsive travelers, who usually travel more on a budget side but do not shy away from adventures just because of a price.

Welcome To Waiuta – A Ghost Town Of The West Coast in New Zealand

stillgotitstories.com · 3 mths by Still Got It Stories

If you're interested in exploring abandoned places when traveling, then take a look at this abandoned gold miner's town - Waiuta in West Coast, New ..

City Break At The Hipsterish Wellington a.k.a Windy Wellington

stillgotitstories.com · 3 mths by Still Got It Stories

Just a very short stay in Wellington trying out some hipster spots! Check out our short city break in Wellington.

Glorious Taranaki | New Zealand Stories by Still Got It

youtube.com · 8 days by Still Got It Stories

A short tale of our hiking trip in magical Egmont national park with it's prime jewel, one of the prettiest mountains in New Zealand - Mount Taranak..