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Travelling by ballon!

Vienna Moves

vimeo.com · over 3 years by stoomp

Paris Poetry - The visual poem

vimeo.com · 6 yrs by stoomp

Paris. The only city that's different every time you're visiting it. Tried to pack my feelings about it in few minutes. Poetry of Paris streets thro..

Rain in Marseille

vimeo.com · 7 yrs by stoomp

One of the most interesting, sad, but wonderful cities in Europe.

Everyday Berlin

vimeo.com · almost 6 years by stoomp

Berlin is a very different city. City with special spirit of freedom and lightness. In this short I tried to tell how I see everyday Berlin with ber..

Shades of Palma en

vimeo.com · 7 yrs by stoomp

This is short film captured in Palma de Mallorca.

Highland Fairytale On Vimeo

vimeo.com · over 5 years by stoomp

There're many places in this world where have you been and missed something that was not included in your tourist guide. When you all of sudden see ..

The Baltic Beach en

vimeo.com · almost 7 years by stoomp

A quiet and peaceful place. The Balic beach in Tallinn. This place makes me think about the past. Everything was shot handheld. Kamerar QV-1 as a s..

Malta - the Cinematic poem

vimeo.com · 6 yrs by stoomp

Have you ever been there? Try it. It's wonderful. Landscapes, streets, air. colors and people. Magic Lantern RAW 14bit video. Graded in Davinci Res..