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My girlfriend and I like to do what others don't to see what others miss. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

A food pilgrimage to the religious town of Jericó, Colombia

theunconventionalroute.com · 9 mths by Chris

Three hours southwest of Medellín, the small town in Jericó, Antioquia is a religious tourism destination because it’s the birthplace of Colombia’s ..

Hunting Down Medellin's Best Menu Del Dia Lunches

theunconventionalroute.com · 8 mths by Chris

Medellin’s true happy hour has nothing to do with early evening drinking. No, the real happy hour in Medellin is from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. when restaur..

6 Cool Things To Do In Vancouver That Everyone Else Isn't Doing

theunconventionalroute.com · 5 mths by Chris

What is "cool"? We all have our own definitions, but for the purposes of this post, here's ours: Cool doesn’t mean popular. It’s not cool to wai..

A guide to the staggering sights of the Colombian paramo

theunconventionalroute.com · 6 mths by Chris

Even if you come to Colombia for the warm sun, the cold, sometimes freezing, sun of the Colombia paramo is worth packing a jacket for. Indeed, the s..

Vancouver Beaches: A Local Beach Bum's Guide | The Unconventional Route

theunconventionalroute.com · 4 mths by Chris

Vancouver, Canada is secretly one the best beach cities in the world. It may even be THE best for a couple months every year. If you're visiting..

Cliché Travel Tips to Ignore, And What to Do Instead

theunconventionalroute.com · 3 mths by Chris

Beware of the “best travel tips and tricks” you find on Google. Most are stupidly obvious (“Pack light,” “Eat local food,” “Book early to save“)..

The Ultimate Medellin Paragliding Adventure

theunconventionalroute.com · 6 mths by Chris

If you've ever dreamed of jumping off and flying down a mountain you just hiked, this Medellin paragliding adventure (with waterfalls!) is for you.

Vancouver's favorite (but mostly unknown) beach island getaway

theunconventionalroute.com · 4 mths by Chris

Have you heard of this tropical little Canadian island? It has only 100 full-time residents and is less than 100 miles from Vancouver.

El Valle, Chocó, Colombia: Best Things To Do, Food, Hotels, And More

theunconventionalroute.com · 8 mths by Chris

Google hasn’t even bothered mapping the streets of El Valle, a town in the Chocó department of Colombia’s Pacific Coast. That’s how isolated it is. ..

Yet Another Guide Of The Best Things To Do In Medellin?

theunconventionalroute.com · 5 mths by Chris

No, this one is different. After six months of sometimes crazy, mostly unconventional adventures in Medellin, we picked these as our favorites.

How to hike the world's tallest natural pyramid

theunconventionalroute.com · 9 mths by Chris

From the bus’ window on our way back from our Medellín getaway to Jardín, we saw the most peculiar sight: A mountain so perfectly triangular that it..

Romantic, Rash, And Ridiculous First Impressions Of Cape Town

theunconventionalroute.com · 1 mth by Chris

Is The Mother City marriage material or not as hot as people say she is? Our first impressions a few days into our whirlwind blind date with Cape..