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What's It Like helps travelers figure out WHEN to go. We tweet our own travel stories and share goodies from fellow travelers (whatsitlikeapp.com)

A guide to taking better travel photography shots en

james.sl · over 7 years by What's It Like

Things I've learned traveling and photographing through 14 countries

Take your business on the road en

medium.com · over 7 years by What's It Like

On traveling startups, digital nomads and businesses hitting the road.

12 travel ideas for every month of the year en

whatsitlikeblog.com · over 7 years by What's It Like

February: Uyuni salt flats turn into the world’s largest natural mirror Bolivia is famous for its surreal salt flat landscapes, but not everyone ..

Digital Nomad Documentary — One Way Ticket en

digitalnomaddocumentary.com · over 7 years by What's It Like

Hi, I am Youjin! I'm making a documentary on digital nomads called One Way Ticket. For the last few years, I've interviewed traveling freelancers, r..

No other generation has had the freedom to carve out their own lifestyle en

nomadlist.io · over 7 years by What's It Like

Today we’re introducing Kavi – nomadic Forbes writer and startup advisor who has great points about current state of digital nomadism, issues with a..

Where to go When: For Adventure Seekers en

medium.com · 7 yrs by What's It Like

When and where to catch your next adventure

Collection of best shots from recent adventures en

500px.com · over 7 years by What's It Like

Digital nomad and founder of What's It Like - web app that helps travelers figure out when to go (whatsitlikeapp.com)

Macchu Picchu is overrated - go for the underrated! — Under Travel en

undertravel.squarespace.com · over 7 years by What's It Like

If you had just one week in Peru - where would you go? I bet Macchu Picchu.  Macchu Picchu is still the most recognized symbol of the ancient S..

Amazon River by Cargo Boats en

maptia.com · over 7 years by What's It Like

Where the beaten path is close to non existent.